Success Stories

Becker led the ISO 27701 certification project with Datweb Sistemas, which is the certification in the ISO standard that governs the privacy management system, in Brazil also regulated by the LGPD.

We had previously led Datweb Sistemas to ISO 27001, and now with the ISO 27701, the company completed the information security and privacy management programs, becoming a national reference in its segment.

“Becker is more than a supplier, it has been a partner of Todimo for two decades, responsible for Information Security, IT Consulting and Outsourcing services for one of the most strategic areas of the company.

Knowing that we can count on Becker, at this time when we are experiencing an era of digital transformation in Brazil and the world, gives us more security in the challenges we will face, regarding legal adequacy, compliance and also the change in the consumption experience of our customers, that technology and mobility are bringing to retail.”

Cláudio Willemann, CTO
Todimo Group
MT/MS/PR – Brazil

“The word that comes to mind when I think of Becker is confidence.

Confidence in having a company by my side that is extremely capable and has a sense of ownership when thinking about our problems and challenges.”

Paulo Mello, Technology Director
Normatel Group
CE/SP/RJ – Brazil

“For us, at Potiguar Home Center, having Becker as a partner is essential for growing in a structured way. We have greatly evolved and matured our business continuity, which today is fully immersed in the needs of the business. Becker is a partner we can truly count on, and by working alongside us, we can guarantee assertive investments with reduced costs and zero waste of resources.

Completely impartial among several vendors on the market, it brought us security and confidence in the company’s work.”

Marcos F. Rodrigues, Technology Manager
Potiguar Group
MA – Brazil