Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Programs

Technological evolution has become the driving force of all businesses, and where there is evolution there are also new threats, new risks, new scenarios. And it is in this journey of transformations that every company needs to be prepared to respond to crises in the best possible way, aiming above all at the preservation of lives and the continuity of the organization itself.

With 20 years of expertise in this area, we can get your company ready to be highly resilient to technological incidents. Projects with technical excellence, and addressing ISO/IEC 27031, for full compliance with the best global practices.

We have projects in many segments such as industries, agribusiness, retail, services, and health. From projects with cloud datacenters, hybrids and even datacenters on farms with restricted communication, there is no ready-made recipe or magic box, what defines the best scenario is always your business.

We can support your organization in various demands and activities, such as:

  • Complete DRP: technical approach for each solution, service and technology used.
  • DR tests: prior technical validation and follow-up of contingency operation simulations, from incident to back to normal operation
  • DR with Focal Point: elaboration of disaster recovery plans for point services and infrastructures
  • High Availability: design and implementation of projects to ensure high availability of IT services and infrastructure, in the same environment or geographically distributed.